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Right here's the progress of the pen, folks! My debut novel Midnight Justice is coming out this summer, and I can't wait for you all to see and read it. :) It's in the final stages of edits right now, and my amazing designer - Sarah Grace - finished the cover for it. And it's BEAUTIFUL, folks! Gotta love the western look. Okay, so now you're probably wondering just what Midnight Justice is all about - at least we hope that's the burr under the saddle right now. ;) And lucky for you, I've got the synopsis right here.

       She's headed west for an advertisement when her path crosses with a gun-throwing gambler at Fort Laramie. Carson Graves believed his course unalterable, yet hopes of a fresh start spur him forward and straight into the suspicions of his gang. While Marion Halifax finds herself dependent on Carson who is determined to right his wrongs, a bitter man has sworn revenge and is set on destroying Carson Graves once and for all.

One woman who knows the change she sees is real and ready to face down the past.
One man who knows justice might still await him.
And a crippled outlaw who holds the power to condemn or free.

The three find themselves in a tangle of love and hate, justice and truth as dreams hang in the balance and destiny lurks uncertain. One piece of the past can tip it, but only if it's found out in time.


So there it is, pard'ners! Stay tuned on the blog for more glimpses and updates as the publication progress advances. And while edits continue, one more novel is in the works here on the C-Bar ranch, and it's a story with lots of twists and turns, romance and adventure, revenge and forgiveness. And that story is called . . .

       Three missions. Three people united by revenge and runaways. A woman searching for answers to a name and blood; a major shaking off the shackles of the post to locate a missing girl; and an Indian on a quest to give back what he owes. The trio rides off on their journey, bound by affection and affliction, but when the quest picks up a fourth in the town’s likeable sheriff, the knots tighten. They soon find themselves in a tangle of love and fear, good and evil as the web intensifies and hearts prove deadly enemies. A rising must come above judgment and pride; a war that will call out the best, or reveal the truth—all beneath blue skies.


Hope you've enjoyed a glimpse of my novels. I'm excited to share them. :) But for now, that's all, folks! Happy Trails from Behind The Desk.

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